With this membership, you'll be joining a community of badass content creators, and social media managers on the journey to expand your understanding and mastery of content creation.

In the Content Strategy Society, you'll learn not only how to create content you love but you'll also be given the skills and understanding of the why behind your content. Because around here we don't just make content for content's sake. We create with intent.


Gone are the days of: 

not knowing what to post so you just throw ideas at the wall hoping something will stick  

being you're stressed and overwhelmed when it comes to your content creation process, so you avoid it altogether!

This membership includes: 

The goal of this membership is to provide a go-to resource at a reasonable price with a ton of value! Whether you're a new social media manager, a content creator, or a personal brand the Content Strategy Society is going to help you hone and amplify your brand online! 

Monthly Q&As 

where we deep dive into a topic with myself, my team, and guest speakers - built to give you a peek behind the curtain of content creation, strategy, and know-how from professional creators in the space. 

Monthly Content Sessions

where you can ask questions, build community, and receive exclusive resources (worksheets, tutorials, and more) throughout your membership! 

Access to our one-of-a-kind Slack channel 

Access to video modules, training, and replays of our monthly Content Sessions 

where you can ask questions, get advice and get customized support surrounding your business/brand

Creating content makes you say WTF?! 

Introducing the Content Strategy Society!

Our new monthly membership program where you’ll not only learn HOW to create content you love but you'll also be given the skills and understanding of the WHY behind your content.

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Are you ready to live more intentionally, stop working 24/7, and truly LOVE your life? 

I was too...

How to Film (the one-woman crew style) Get great footage without the Instagram spouse!

Instagram Reels vs. TikTok - how to leverage, create, and build a community on both platforms

Editing for Social Media and so much more!

Platform Deep-Dives - Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, or Linkedin - we'll be going deep every month on the platforms we know and love.

topics we cover

Copywriting: a step by step to writing captions that convert

Time Management for
Content Creators 

Building and Maintaining a Strategy for you (or your client's content)

Defining your Ideal Customer - Know exactly who you're creating for

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what you need is less strategy & more mindset work...

What if I said you already have the skills you need to grow your business to 6 figures? 

If you’re tired of:

being overwhelmed when it comes to your content creation process

feeling like you don’t have time to make the stuff you want to create

Or simply just over not getting results 

Imagine sitting down to a planned roadmap for you content:

Knowing when to SELL

what to CREATE

and having a game plan to talk directly to your customer.

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